Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movie Theater

In the Willow's Shadow - News from Flower City
(10/02/05) Movie Theater

The classroom is a movie theater- the garden is the movie. Its drama slowly unfolds. Soon, the plum tree, and then the cherry tree will become the star of the show. However, the garden is not the only movie. I move, you move, and we make a movie together as both audience and actor.

As you walk down Hanayacho, consider each house and shop as the stage for a movie. Even the street is a stage!

In the old days, the celebrities here were the Great Lords. They were painted and photographed. Their images were seen all over Shimabara, Kyoto, and Japan. I imagine they were quite similar to todays celebrities, like Lady Gaga or Hamasaki Ayumi.



昔にこのへやに太夫は有名人でしたね。書きられて写真とられて太夫さんの絵がいっぱいありました。島原や京都や日本の色々な所で太夫のかおを見えたかな。多分、現代にLady Gaga やHamasaki Ayumiのかおはそんなに有名ですね。

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