Sunday, December 6, 2009

Places: Tayucho Square- Response by Sayaka

It's very interesting.
You know, I always go to Kinse at night, so I have never seen such views carefully. I just noticed there is a square near Kinse.
In our last lesson, you told me about the building or parking lot in front of Kinse that used to be fish shop or ochaya.

The other day, I watched a TV program where Hiroshi Madoca (he is a musician but now like a comedian..) explored around that area. He started to walk from Tanbaguchi station. Then he found some funny places. In one of them, a man made a gym for archery in his house. I was surprised by it a little. The house is nearby the Shimabara area, but I'm not sure.

There are interesting places that I don't know. I have to explore in Shimabara.

Tell me about your town more.


その広場についても今気付くことができました。この前のレッスンの時、きんせ旅館の前の建物が昔 魚屋さんやお茶屋だったと教えてくれたよね。




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