Friday, February 26, 2010

What is Your Sport?

In the Willow's Shadow - News from Flower City
(10/02/26) What is your sport?

What is your sport?
Let's play together.

200 years ago, in the Edo period, I imagine Kyoto was a world of black and grey. People wore patterns coded to caste and occupation. A man or woman could easily be judged and treated according to his or her rank of birth.

Yet here, in the flower city, people were treated in a basic human sense, as bodies.

The human body is capable of many things. In the Olympics, humans from any country compete as equals. Gold goes to she or he who has the greatest practice and the greatest skill.

Sport, the practice of play, takes many forms, but where the rules are strict, the masters compete as human equals.

What is your sport? What is your stadium?

Is it an earthen field? A concrete street? A grass thatched hut?

Let's meet on the field, and play. Give it your best shot.

Sport は?








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