Monday, March 29, 2010

Hirakata City Streets (街道): Kyoto to Osaka (17)

Finally, we climbed up into the suburbs of Hirakata City: passing through the suburbs of Kuzuha and then Makino. The architecture of Hirakata is closer to Osaka style than Kyoto: shop awnings are brightly colored blues and reds, and the blacks and browns of Kyoto have almost entirely given way to a bricollage of various international styles jammed together. We looked for an internet cafe to crash in, and finally found one back on Route 1. The building was elevated above the garage. I imagine most of the customers were automobile travelers. The price to stay for 9 hours was fairly high, nearly 2000 yen in total, although the accomodations were average: a small cubicle with a flat cushion, a computer, free drinks, and no shower. I have stayed in similar internet cafes in Shibuya and Shinjuku for only about 900 yen for 8 hours.

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