Monday, November 30, 2009

Places: Tayucho Square お所:太夫町広場

There is a large square right next to Kinse Ryokan. Let's enjoy it.

The skin colored walls of Makoto no Yu and Shoei make up the south and east walls of the square. The west wall is kinse's dark wood paneling and aged plaster. Two of Kinse's gardens also embrace the west wall. Enjoy the falling red leaves of the cherry tree and the orange persimmons- they are sweet! To the north is the old pub and old tea house. At the far north end of the square is Shimabara Onsen, home to the radium bath.

Most of the visitors to Tayucho square come in cars, park, and then visit Makoto no Yu. It seems, three fourths of the square is made up of the Makoto no Yu parking lot. The friendly guard at the parking lot gives away smiles and nods all day long. This lot was once a large public steam bath. It could still be a hot place!

Imagine, if there were a few trees between the parking lot and the street, perhaps more locals and tourists would stop and enjoy the sun here. The occasional elder likes to sit by the old tea shop, and people of all ages buy from the vending machine at the bicycle parking lot in front of Makoto no Yu. Eating at Hanaguruma would be even better if we could watch the seasons and the city life in the square below.

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誠の湯としょうえの肌色かべは広場の東南かべです。西かわはきんせの黒い木と土塀。きんせの二つの庭も東の塀であります。桜の紅葉とオレンジ かき楽しんでーかきは甘いよ。北の広場の塀は昔のいざかややお茶屋や島原温泉。



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